Always be “handy” – with Elteks

About 17,000 touch sensors in our palms assimilate pressure, movement, and vibration stimuli, which are then transmitted to the brain. What does this mean? Only a good sense of touch that is as undisturbed as possible allows precise, safe and quick working.

Lightweight gloves with a good grip

Lightweight Elteks gloves, which can be used for a variety of purposes, permit good touch sensitivity whether they are uncoated or have a high-quality nitrile coating. Thanks to the certified cotton that is used, they are also very skin-friendly and breathable. You are therefore well protected while carrying out your handiwork. Many applications, one promise: Elteks quality.

Feinteks 16


  • Abrasion resistance 0
  • Cut resistance1
  • Tear strength 2
  • Puncture resistance 1


  • General protection
  • Heavy metal work
  • Automobile industry
  • Quality control
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