Conteks 16

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The Conteks 16 provides reliable protection against mechanical hazards, has an ergonomic shape, and provides optimum comfort in many applications. Skin-friendly 100% cotton lining, exterior with a resistant nitrile coating

Product-Code CCO 16, CCO 16-S
EN 388 (2121)
Sizes 6,7,8,9,10
Length 27cm
Shape Glove with five fingers, woven cuffed, upper hand section partially coated
Lining 100% cotton interlock
Coating CCO 16 special (nitryl rubber)
Color Orange
Durability Feature Good resistance against oil and grease
Order Code 1602, 1660


  • Construction and repair work
  • Light metal work
  • Transport work
  • General protection


  • Abrasion resistance 2
  • Cut resistance 1
  • Tear strength 2
  • Puncture resistance 1




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